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At this link, you can download a short presentation and some high definition pictures of Antonio Chiodi Latini’s kitchen. If you need additional material, please contact us:

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Valentina Merlo
Eva Truffa

Press Release

Really an unprecedented experience to discover a new way of understanding vegetarian cooking: simple, tasty, healthy.

Torino7,  2017

The Chiodi Latini family is a well-known name in the restaurant in Turin. There are local symbols of the city that have been carrying this signature forever and others who are candid, even before the opening, to become the newest meta gourmet most sought after.

LaStampa,  2017

Forget Banality, expect the unusual. Sight and taste will be pleased.

LaStampa,  2016

A surprising kitchen, a true experience stated in a menu inspired by the Earth’s four element: earth, air, fire, and water

Gambero Rosso, 2016

Today, speaking of vegan or vegetarian kitchen is not enough because they are becoming two common trends. Instead, it is necessary that a dish is completed, like Antonio Chiodi Latini’s dishes.

The Cuisine News

Chef Antonio Chiodi Latini, almost at the end of a long career, reinvented himself with a new whole food kitchen that he doesn’t want to define vegan to avoid common mimicry, such as vegan hamburger and goes beyond current trends.

Vanity Fair

Every dish tells a story: texture and elegance. In the dish in this picture for example, there is everything: architecture, design, flavor.


At the center of every dish, there is the vegetable ingredient (hence, whole food is the most appropriate way to define it); kitchen with an originality uncommon in the vegan restaurants.