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We propose a new approach to healthy food, whole foods.

A movement that brings attention to plant based ingredients, placing them at the center of our dishes in all their simplicity. A kitchen made of seasonal flavors, produce, and a mix of traditional and exotic flavors.

A different use of vegetable ingredients, that become the absolute protagonists of the final flavor.

An idea of alimentation new and attentive, that takes back to the table a good and healthy kitchen.

All of this, in a cozy and inviting environment; where the sound of times passed coming from a record will accompany you to discover our way of interpreting food.

Welcome to Chiodi Latini New Food

Chiodi Latini New Food
Via San Quintino 33/C – 10121 Torino

Would you like to make a reservation or give the gift of the New Food experience to someone else?


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